Monday, October 11, 2010


So Tarry posted an interesting comment that in actual fact got me thinking where does the basket lie in our lives, and what do the chickens stand for to each of you?

A. Is the basket your world and how you see it
B. Is the basket your home, your protector (my opinion)
C. What are the chickens?
D. Are the chickens the people in your lives?
E. Are the chickens the events and variable outcomes?
F. Where is the rooster? 
G.Can we link the saying of who came first?

There is really still a lot I have to understand about this quote, because it is really difficult to grasp a perspective on whether to change it or live by it.....

Who we are, who we become and what we do inside and outside the basket affects those around us and the world... How do we manage to keep all this in line and live by knowing we are affecting others or without realizing impacting the world. We all want to make a difference in the world but where does that begin because form when we are born we begin to change the outcome of someones life and therefore on a small scale we are changing the world, their world!

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  1. From Amanda Nel (Malawi)

    I beleive in all your points A-E. For F... a good good question and would love to hear answers. For G.... it's the Mother Hen! If not for her, there would be no eggs and no basket for the eggs!