Monday, October 4, 2010


From when we are little we are prepared by our parents that there is a big bad world out there and most of the time it ends up consuming us. In our societies and cultures we are groomed into categories and specific mindsets that were created to give us boundaries. We walk around planning and dreaming of making our lives perfect, but in reality we know the success of it is limited. Most people anticipate transforming their dreams into reality. Instead, it lies separate to our lives and is something that keeps us going and motivated. Why not live that dream and have the power to control it?

I know and believe there is  no way we can determine the outcome of every situation, but when we count those chickens before they hatch there is excitement, enthusiasm and hope that somehow gives us the power to change our perspective.  We imagine a different outcome, something positive to try and lift us from a world full of negativity. Each day we live life with hope and this hope does include success or failure and therefore we live in-between the two constantly nurturing the possibility of the outcome. 

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  1. From Amanda Nel
    I believe that we should seriously!! not worry about what we may be missing, and worrying about five years time... worrying about regretting that you may not have done enough etc..... because life should never be regretted. We do stuff, experience stuff, good of bad, happy or sad, and it's those daily happenings that make us. They all happen so we can learn from them and in the end we become stronger.
    Love Mandy Nel, Malawi