Monday, October 11, 2010


Sometimes it is kinda hard not too, so inevitably you do count and risk being disappointed or thankfully underestimate the outcome..
HERE are some of my moments when I counted my chickens before they hatched.  Post on your experiences.

  •  I was planning a trip to Zanzibar in the past dec holidays... My friend and I had it all planned out we would work for an organization and build schools or teach and in the afternoons sip on cocktails and tan.... well that failed... after emailing them and sorting out flights and accommodation I asked the parentals and it was a straight NO! thats when you see the dreams and lovely white sandy beaches go down the drain. 
  • Another time was when I again began planning my holiday with my friends in Malawi, now I must admit it is difficult to move away from your friends and then get straight back into the circles again... so I wanted to join them all at the lake for new year...Got shot down but the sad part is that my new year was planned to be amazing... Sadly i got there and after counting the dam chickens and trusting old Zimbabwe there was no Fekking was a blow out...
  • GOOD times.. my 19th birthday... traditionally since my bday is in the hols I spend it with family. So for my 19th my parents decide to take me to a ZIM concert now when having left the country and experienced a bit more you prepare yourself for disappointment but put on a happy grateful face. Well well well i was in for a surprise... it was amazing had the best time ever and really enjoyed every minute of it. Ended up dancing on the table... So technically I should not have counted my chickens or been soooo pessimistic. 
Tell me a few of your stories....lets see what people really relate this quote too....


  1. "The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." - Winston Churchill

  2. From Amanda Nel

    It seems automatic in all of us to 'plan'. I figure about 1/2 and 1/2 our plans work, or don't. And when they do we just go along with it, and when they don't we are devastated/surprised. My most recent 'plan' was completely changed for a horribly sad reason.

    We have just moved house, so boxes and furniture etc were strewn all over the new garden, with the 'plan' on being able to sort it all out in a couple of days as it was half term for my son's school, and I would have ALL week to sort it out. I was feeling very stressed and the only thing that mattered in LIFE was getting my house sorted out. Two days after the move, we received a phone call to say that my husbands father had passed away in Zimbabwe, very sudden and was so NOT expected. 'Plans' changed, urgent tickets were booked to Zim, boxes and furniture were the least of our worries.
    Now we are back in Malawi, back to facing a house in shambles, I realize that those things are not a 'worry'...... those things are still there! Andre's dad is not. So sad that it takes such a huge loss in our lives to realize we should not be fussing over the small stuff! Now I have decided get the house done 'whenever' and not try to 'plan' it all.