Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So I got asked today how and why I believe in Psychics??

This really had me baffled, because to begin with I never really did take what psychics and mediums into consideration. They have the ability to connect with a spirit world or another dimension and reveal issues to us. Having the "gift", and know someone's future or his or her course of life is astounding.  Their belief system is based around the idea that what they tell us is completely from guides or spirits. What we hear and how we choose to interpret their knowledge is our own choice.

In my opinion their predictions can be tempting to think about and we dwell over the possibilities if what is said could come true. We begin to dream and wonder when and where things may begin to happen. I have been to a professional medium that helped me through a rough time in my life and thankfully the information she gave me helped me. Her perspectives and readings or visions from the spirit world and spirit guides help explain certain situations from my passed as well as showing me a positive future. I doubted my decision about moving to Cape Town and choosing to study at Vega, however the sitting with her changed everything for me. 

As well as this my medium explained to me how in my future I would come across someone who would have a huge impact on my life. It was a male figure slightly older than me and from a prestigious background and well-known school in the Western Cape. My decision to be with him would change my life and he would help me balance everything. After being told this I must admit I did wonder, you start creating this man in your mind and really wondering when you would meet and what he would be like in person. This did make me look carefully at every person I met, but when it happened I don't think I even realized. 

So in my opinion the extra information allowed me to set my standards high and to really look carefully at the people I was meeting. I am not sure if it is the same person my medium saw in her dreams but I like to believe that he is exactly what I expected. I didn't think I would meet him but I did wish for it and really consider what my life would look like while with him... 

So did I count my chickens before they hatched, or did I take the information about the possibility of meeting someone and know it would happen so I didn't let the saying get to me???

Do we interpret what we are told by these people and increase the chances of it really happening? And therefore cut out the chances of failure or disappointment?


  1. I personally think you opened your mind to the idea of it possibly happening in the future, you didn't give any negative outlook on the "future possibility" and you also didn't work yourself up over it... SO therefore i think you merely overlooked the nest and pondered on how many chicken will eventually hatch.

  2. This was a comment from a good friend of mine Liesje Cuisiner emailed to me through facebook. I thought it really did express the truthe and clarity of where I want this blog to go.Thanx hun

    Hey sweety, couldn't post a comment so here is what I wanted to say about your blog in general and also about your most recent post about seeing a medium.. Loved reading it by the way, it's very interesting. ♥

    This is a really interesting blog Taz. I think it's very important to really think about the things you want to achieve in your life and that you shouldn't just life day by day. You need to have goals and dreams to get anywhere and to make the most of the life you've been given. No one knows when they are going to die and I think a lot of people just tend to disregard death and in the process forget that you only get one chance at life. Of course I am talking from a non-religious point of view since I do not believe in God, heaven or hell.

    To some extent I believe that you mustn't 'count your chickens before they hatch' because this way you can avoid disappointment, but at the same time if you do not have any dreams or goals that you want reach then you'll probably end up leading a life that you never wanted, to begin with. Of course, it's important to not get a head of yourself and you must set realistic goals otherwise disappointment will definitely happen. It's crucial to self-reflect all the time and be aware of what you are capable of doing and what you want to be capable of doing as well.

    When you do experience disappointment because something you hoped to always happen never does then it is important for you to realise that it is not the end of the world. You are still alive and, even though it will be hard to move on, you need to realise that you will not feel that way forever and the pain will eventually subside 'till you can't feel it anymore.

    I think you took a very mature approach to what your medium told you. You really thought it through and instead of waiting for the person to come to you (which to be honest probably wouldn't have got you anywhere, but that's just my opinion), you analysed all the people you met and wondered whether this was the person your medium was talking about. You already had your own expectations of the person you wanted to be with and you didn't let the saying get to you and create any limitations for yourself.

    I personally would never go to a medium. I do not believe that they are truly able to predict what will happen in your life. I strongly believe that everything that happens in one's life is due to the decisions they make and the path/life they have chosen to lead. I think that you meeting this guy was purely a coincidence and because you regard him so highly it's easy to place him under the categories your medium gave you. Never take positive coincidences for granted though, embrace them and if it has a great impact on your life then do not let it go.

  3. I have just read your post,and I found it very interesting and quite factual.I too have seen an amazing Medium,and was told a lot of very interesting and intriguing things.When I left the reading my mind was racing trying to remember every little detail that was told to me.Some comments made a huge impact on me,and I found that the ones that didn't were not the ones of great importance to me,or so I thought..:)
    I believe that when we are given such guidance from the spirit world,we should open our hearts and minds and allow what they are trying to tell us to guide us on our right paths.I think with the help of Spirit and our own "gut" feelings we are capable of believing in ourselves and choosing our destinies.Saying that I would also have looked at new friends differently,thinking ..is he the one...afterall I think thaqt is just the normal thing to do.Thank you for sharing you story.
    God Bless.

  4. Terri I think you’re maturity at the situation that was presented to you is really worth a read by lots of people who formulate opinions without ever having tried various situations to self empower themselves. So many do count their chickens before they hatch and speak on things they don’t have a clue about hence giving bad names etc to things that could be potentially good for them. Is that counting your chickens before they hatch or is it just fear in their ignorance? I wonder? Wishing you well with your new man be it from divine intervention or pure chance...you have met him ;-)))

  5. This is an email from my very good friend Kim Killick

    Hi Taz,

    Firstly well done on the blog and it´s deff a good thing that you´re experimenting with photos, videos, font, colour etcetc.

    The topic itself is really interesting and I´m not quite sure where I stand on it. I believe that it´s very important to have goals, and dreams for the future - they give you a sense of direction or purpose in life and whenever you get off track you can always refer back to them. They give you faith in yourself I suppose. Being an open and adventerous I´ve always tried different things, and acknowledged from a young age that life doesn´t always go how you want it to, the only thing you can do is to make the best of whatever situation you´re put in... not matter how shitty. Which is where I found your blog about the medium really interesting, I´ve never been to one & I don´t think I´d go to one because honestly, I´m terrified that I might not hear news that I want to and consequently change my attitude on life . However I understand why people do talk to mediums or even to God.
    I´m impartial to the quote of ´dont count your chickens before they hatch´I do believe that people should be aware of how they live and their personality. I think that people shouldn´t live their lives full of precaution and planning as often the best things in life are unexpected. However ,the opposite can be true as well as eople who put a lot of emphasise and trust in only one ´issue´tend to be easily dissapointed/hurt.

  6. I believe that in some cases people do count their chickens before they hatch because of their ignorance on the matter... but my worry is that people become used to the preconceived ideas in their heads and their hopes are lead to disappointment. Due to circumstances or external environmental factors that they don't count.

  7. I've never had any experiences with mediums or psycics or anything like that for that matter. Terri and I met unexpectantly and somehow we connected after a series of events where I can truely say I'm lucky to have here.I don't feel I come from a prestigous background but I do come from a good and loving background. I don't know if I am the man that was described to Terri, but I know I want to be the man that's with her. However this all came to be, I'm happy it did. :)

  8. Ain't it the same thing? Mediums, psycics and the chickens I mean.