Thursday, October 14, 2010


So today is hand in day... Thanks to all that participated in my blog i will let you know how it all goes. 

This challenge involved taking a common cliche and trying to figure out what it means and then transform it into something new and modern that I can relate to. 

Started with "Don't Count your Chickens before they hatch" and from there we delved into the world of possibilities,  the spirit world and then from there I really tried to understand what this saying means. 

So In the end I believe that in all essence you can always believe things will turn out okay. Even though I am a pessimist there really are ways to see all the good and the positives. Changing our attitudes and just living in the moment is one way to start and setting our goals keeps us going. Seeing people for outside help gives us something to believe in but all in all it is our choice, how we see thing and how we want things to play out. 

We decide where our lives go and therefore we really do have the power to control the outcome of the amount of chickens that hatch. 

So my modern translation; live with optimism, knowing that there is hope but also failure. Live beyond your limits and don't be scared to reach out of your world for something new, because that basket is always changing.

I hope this blog touched people in a different way. For myself it really allowed me to take my black hat off and change howI perceive things and deal with situations. 

Thank You

Terri-Ann Sawyer

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