Saturday, October 9, 2010


So i received a phone call the other night, which made me realize we all do love to think in the future and  plan for things that for some unbeknown reason may not come true and then in the end we are hurt big time...

The call was from my Godfather who in all respects watches over me and is my leaning post in every situation. He told me that even though we walk around thinking this is it, our life plan is falling into place and we have the guy of our dreams we have to reserve a part of us to protect ourselves. Keep a little side of the basket and be prepared for rough times and the possibility to loose everything in an instant. This is difficult to take on as in most case as human beings we have the ability to picture our lives in perfect little boxes. However it takes one mistake or unexplained factor to change everything.

As our basket becomes full and empties, so does our life pattern change. We find new people and experience new things, moving in and out of different worlds but always knowing we will have the safety of that basket, our home to shield us from the world. This may be because living constantly on the edge becomes to much and we begin to get overwhelmed by choices and scenarios which are out of our control. All in all though our basket does grow, from experience and from our ability to take on more and become stronger however we still restrict ourselves.

We know our limits and we are always setting aside goals and boundaries but my question still remains when do we know we are no longer counting and preparing or planning but instead living?
If it is true that I need to put aside a part of me for protection how will grow, and how will know that i haven't missed out on a goal or a dream that I wanted to live? Living each day one at a time and finding something even if it is small to be grateful for is one way that I manage to get through however it does get difficult. There are times i really do want to know my future and where i will be in 5 years. I want to be able to plan and see if I am wasting time at this moment because in by those 5 years it may not mean anything. ....


  1. This is from a friend of mine Meaghan Farr...

    Always expect the worst or at least consider it and disappointment can be avoided. Being careful or protecting ourselves does not necessarily mean being negative, but rather realistic!

  2. From my dear friend and caring extended family

    Charmaine Steyn commented through Facebook.

    Brilliant !!! Very well put together. There is no right or wrong way to view life in general, there will always be dissapointments no matter how careful you try to be.